About us / Aims

The Associations aims are:

  1. To establish links between judges, magistrates and specialists all over the world who are attached to a judicial authority of whatever nature which is concerned with the protection of youth or with the family.
  2. To study, at international level, all problems raised by the functioning of judicial authorities and organisations for the protection of youth and the family; to ensure the continuance of the national and international principles governing those authorities and to make them more widely known.
  3. To examine legislation designed for the protection of youth and the family and the various systems existing for the protection of the youth at risk with a view to improving such systems both nationally and internationally.
  4. To promote the awareness and application of children’s rights.
  5. To assist collaboration between nations and competent authorities with regard to foreign minors and their family.
  6. To encourage research into the causes of the criminal behaviour or maladjustment of youth, to combat their effects and to seek a permanent prevention and rehabilitation programme; to concern itself with the moral and material improvement of youth’s destiny and, in particular, with the future of children and young people at risk.
  7. To collaborate with international associations concerned with the protection of youth and with the family.