The Chronicle: the voice of IAYFJM


The Chronicle is the voice of the IAYFJM. It is published bi-annually in the three official languages of the IAYFJM — English, French and Spanish. The aim of the Editorial Board has been to develop the Chronicle into a forum of debate amongst those concerned with child and family issues, in the area of civil and penal law concerning children and families, throughout the world.

The Chronicle is a great source of learning, informing us of how others deal with problems which are similar to our own, and is invaluable for the dissemination of information received from contributions world wide.

With the support of all members of the IAYFJM, a network of contributors from around the world who provide us with articles on a regular basis is being built up. Members are aware of research being undertaken in their own country into issues concerning children and families. Some are involved in the preparation of new legislation while others have contacts with colleagues in Universities who are willing to contribute articles.

A resource of articles has been built up for publication in forthcoming issues. Articles are not published in chronological order or in order of receipt. Priority tends to be given to articles arising from major IAYFJM conferences or seminars; an effort is made to present articles which give insights into how systems in various countries throughout the world deal with child and family issues; some issues of the Chronicle focus on particular themes so that articles dealing with that theme get priority; finally, articles which are longer than the recommended length and/or require extensive editing may be left to one side until an appropriate slot is found for them.

Contributions from all readers are welcome. Articles for publication must be submitted in English, French or Spanish. The Editorial Board undertakes to have articles translated into all three languages — it would obviously be a great help if contributors could supply translations. Articles should, preferably, be 1500 - 2000 words in length. ‘Items of Interest’, including news items, should be up to 500 words in length. Comments on those articles already published are also welcome. Articles and comments should be sent directly to the Editor-in-Chief. However, if this is not convenient, articles may be sent to any member of the editorial board at the addresses listed below.

Articles for the Chronicle should be sent directly to:

Eduardo Rezende Melo,

Editor-in-Chief, e-mail:

Articles should be typed. Copies in our three working languages (English, French and Spanish) would be appreciated.


Editorial Board

Eduardo Rezende Melo, Editor-in-Chief
Aleksandra Deanoska (Macedonia)
Andrew Becroft (New Zeland)

Gabriela Ureta (Chile)
Jean Trépanier (Canada)
Julia Sloth-Nielsen (South Africa)

Madam Lokur (India)
Magdalena Arczewska (Poland)
Mary Beloff (Argentina)

Taghreed Jaber (Jordan)
Viviane Primeau (Canada)



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